The Third

The Third

As the world’s temperatures continue to increase, certain areas have taken drastic measures to curb global warming. With high taxes for environmental impact, government sanctioned limits on reproduction, and punishments for those who violate population laws, citizens are indoctrinated into this view of lawful citizenship. When Ransom and his wife are faced with their own violation, the world suddenly doesn’t look quite so black and white.

Abel Keogh’s The Third is a fantastic dystopian novel brushing serious topics such as human rights, reproductive rights, government control, and institutionalized indoctrination. The opening scene was a bit much for me, and I almost put the book down. However, I am very glad I didn’t. It’s a must read for the genre and a must read for anyone looking for a recreational read touching on broader topics.

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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