Since surviving her brush with death in the car accident which killed her parents, Kate Bennet has been able to see auras. Her attempts at normality with the start of a new school year are thwarted by the new student who doesn’t have a typical aura and a man that no one else seems to see. It isn’t long before she learns that guardians and demons are real and that she is a seer.

Heather Frosts new book Seers, available this October, follows the typical YA romance plot – girl falls in love with incredibly handsome supernatural guy and has to fight for not only the right to be with him but also for her life. Patrick’s sexy accent is about the only redeeming quiality for me.

The concept of guardians, demons, and seers seemed underdeveloped. While the idea (demons versus angels) skirts a religious theme, no purpose was ever given for the existence of demons or angel,s and the only purpose of seers seems to be for the detection of the first two. The plot, while having the side supernatural theme, seemed to flounder around how difficult life is for Kate, who strings along her old boyfriend while pursuing her attraction to Patrick.

While the book is primarily written from the perspective of Kate, two single chapters are written from Patrick’s point of view, and the epilogue is written from the point of view of a demon. I can’t say how annoying this was to me.

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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