Shadow Wolf

The Shadow Wolf: The Shadow Wolf\Darkness of the Wolf by Bonnie Vanak: Book Cover

Megan is on the run with her two young charges. If they are caught, they can be shipped back to the island where Draicon shadow wolves are held as prisoners and considered secondary citizens with no rights. Determined to fight for them and avoid a horrible fate, Megan must get them to unknown safety.

I’ll admit that I normally don’t give romance novels the greatest of reviews. It’s not due to a bias against them. They just aren’t typically well developed, a faect which fits the needs of many people reading them. However the characters in Bonnie Vanak’s The Shadow Wolf are more developed than is typical of the genre, and the story line surprisingly holds undercurrents of racial discrimination and civil rights throughout the fantasy romance. The fast paced writing is well detailed and the romance side is well blended into the main storyline. It is an enjoyable light read.

Disclaimer: A copy of the book was provided by the publisher.

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