Does My Child Have a Speech Problem?

Does My Child Have a Speech Problem by Katherine L. Martin: Book Cover

Learning language is a natural process for children. However, the rate at which that process is mastered varies with each individual. In a society which is increasingly focused on end products, parents often feel pressured to push their children to attend speech therapy. While such programs may be beneficial for some children, it seems odd that an entire society suddenly needs help in order to accomplish what was once a naturally occurring learning process. People have disassociated from an integrated society to the extent that we no longer recognize what is developmentally appropriate for children any longer.

That is where certified speech-language pathologist Katherine L. Martin’s book, Does My Child Have a Speech Problem?, can help. Martin answers parents’ 50 top questions concerning speech issues and language development. By understanding what is developmentally appropriate, parents and educators can better assess whether or not there is a true need for speech help. Helpfully indexed, the book not only covers normal language development and speech issues, but provides greater information about when and where to seek help, and gives fun exercises to incorporate into daily life when needed. This quick read will give assurance to the many parents whose children are developing normally while helping others to find the help their children may need.

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