Band-Aids: Badges of Honor

Photo by Benjamin Gray

There is something magical about band-aids, as any parent can tell you. When our children cut or scrape themselves, a band-aid seems to make it all feel better. It’s not really the bandage, of course. The fact that we take the time to listen to our child’s woes is what really matters.

It’s easy to brush off the little things, but when we take the time to show our children compassion by treating their hurts, visible or not, with  with love and tenderness, we let them know that we are there for them. At the same time, we model compassion, and they, in turn, act compassionately towards others.

The small price of a band-aid, even when it isn’t truly needed to protect a wound, seems inconsequential in comparison. Some day their pains will be bigger and more complicated, but we will have set up the trust for them to come to us with open honesty by showing that compassion now. Band-aids are badges of honor for us – honoring the love and compassion we wish to share with our children.

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