Enlightened Parenting

Photo by Ellie Goodman

In Buddhism, the path to an enlightened life is through presence. Peak moments, when our lives and our awareness are at one with one another, give us a taste of this enlightenment. During these times, we are completely aware of what is going around us and are a part of that. As the gap between ourselves diminishes, so, too, does our suffering and distress.

While these moments ebb and flow in our journeys, working toward mindfulness allows us to work toward a unified body, heart, and mind. They blend together as our attention is focused.

In our parenting journeys, as with any other relationship, we sometimes find ourselves at odds with our children from time to time. These are the moments in our lives when we can practice mindfulness. By immersing ourselves in the moment, attempting to understand our child’s point of view, and practicing non-violent communication, we can leave the discord behind and embrace enlightened parenting, just as we embrace our child. Leaving behind what we believe should be allows us to embrace what is and therefore work as one with our child.

Previously posted at Natural Parents Network.

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