Going Inside for the Winter Holidays

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welcome new lightWinter abounds with holidays – days to cheer us up during the dark and gloomy days of shortened daylight and colder temperatures and less available food. For our family, the holiday season has us going inside, not just physically to avoid the color but also mentally, or you could say spiritually, as we examine where we are in our lives and where we want to be.

For us Halcyon, a time of quiet reflection and resolution, encompasses the holiday season. With the advent of cold weather and dark days, we find ourselves not only looking forward to brighter, warmer days, but also finding appreciation for what we have – food, shelter, warmth, and family (whether by blood or by choice).

We have eschewed the rushing about seen by so many in our culture for a simpler, more introspective celebration. Certainly, we give gifts to one another, but we tend to put much thought into giving authentic gifts – ones which not only fall within our values but which will also be appreciated by the recipient. Most of our gifts are handmade and planned for well in advance. We help our children make gifts for their siblings, which not only helps them to think about something which would be greatly appreciated but gives them, and us, the gift of our time together.

We drink hot apple cider and hot chocolate while playing board games or snuggling under blankets while watching a movie together. We spend time at home, appreciating one another and the chance to slow done after a busy year. We spend time thinking about how the current year has been going and what changes would be beneficial for us as individuals and as a family. We look toward the upcoming year, a blank slate of opportunities and possibilities for growth and enjoyment.

Slowing down allows us to better appreciate our lives, whether that means the opportunities and necessities afforded us or the people we embrace. Heading inside, while giving us time for introspection, reminds us who the most important people are. Spending time as a family rather than running around to programs and get togethers allows us to spend peaceful time together.


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6 thoughts on “Going Inside for the Winter Holidays

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  1. Yes!! I think from this year onward, my family will do a no artificial lights, no electronics after sundown for advent, which will be a great opportunity to reconnect. Sadly in these parts of the world, the weather does not foster connection… I still have to adapt to warm christmases.

  2. We are not Christmas celebrators in the traditional sense as mhy husband is Muslim. While I grew up celebrating in the traditional way, I find it very peaceful to start new traditions based in coming together as a fmaily and enjoy the simplicity of winter. Thanks for some inspiration!

  3. Mandy, I resonate with your appreciation of the slower more connected ways of being, especially at a time when much of the world around us in frantically spinning in busyness. As my daughter grows, I would like to further embrace holy days like the winter solstice as reminders of the bigger gifts (sunlight, an abundant planet, etc.) we get every day.

  4. Thanks for your post, sharing your traditions in the holiday festive season, Halycon. I like the way you all slow down, going inwards retreating into your home as well as yourselves. This is so important, this slowing down and introspection, yet so many of us need to remember and practice this, especially as our lives get busier and busier in the west during the festive season.

    Please have a look at my contribution to the blog carnival, My Little Gratitude list;


    I’m in your commenting group.

    Thanks a lot.

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