Join Natural Parent Network Volunteers for Our Round Table Dicussions

NPN RTD featureDo you find yourself wishing you were more empathic with your children? Are you looking to stop reacting in the moment? Are you wanting a better way to connect with your family? Do you want to grow as a parent and a person? Or are you just tired of dealing with the drama that seems to pop up in your home? Maybe you are looking for support from others trying to raise their children in a non-violent manner. This year, please join the volunteers at the Natural Parents Network as we take an in depth look at several books in our Round Table Discussions.

We encourage you to read with us. The pace will be slow. Just like you, we are busy parenting our own children, going to activities, working (whether WOH, WAH, or SAH), and dealing with the never ending laundry, dishes, and other miscellaneous of life. But if you can’t read the book along with us, feel free to read the related posts, ask questions, and think about some of the issues raised.

As we go through various sections of these books, there will be links to blog articles by Natural Parenting Network volunteers concerning the topics presented. They may be our thoughts on specific aspects of the subject, our personal experiences, novel ideas that help us and may help others, or things with which we struggle. Parenting can be hard, but we want you to know you aren’t alone.

Are you interested? Read more about the the Round Table Discussions here and how you can join in. Be the change you want to see in your family.

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