a box of markers..

We always try to help others out when we can. If we have something we don’t need, we try to give it away to someone who can use it. Sometimes that comes back to us.

The other weekend when we were out doing yardwork, our next door neighbor came over and offered us a bag of clothes that her daughter had outgrown. Then she asked if we could use some markers. We can always use markers. I never expected the box of markers to be a classroom size.

My daughter and I opened the box up to find an almost full classroom set of markers. Having previously looked at the price of classroom packs, I was flabbergasted. I excitedly told my husband about all of the markers. He looked at me and whispered, “They are markers.” He didn’t understand why I as so excited about markers. It’s the little things in life, though, that make life enjoyable. There was also a bit of the little girl in me who would have loved to receive such a gift.

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