food allergies and food intolerance…

After reading Overcoming Allergies, I dove into Jonathan Brostoff’s Food Allergies and Food Intolerance. The beginning of the book is quite informative regarding the biological processes behind food allergies and food intolerance. Based on the work of clinical ecologists and scientifically sound, my only complaint about the beginning of the book was the lack of references. For individuals faced with reactions to food, the earlier sections are definitely worth reading. Some of the appendices at the back are also useful.

However, there is a rather long section in the middle of this 450+ page book which remains lacking. The book waxes on about various food intolerance theories without adding much beneficial information. The lack of references in this section is especially apparent. My other complaint is the breastfeeding advice. While the authors are pro-breastfeeding, it is obvious that they are not educated on the topic and should definitely not be dispensing some of their horrendous advice.

Check the book out from the library. Read the front part of the book, glance at the appendices, and turn it back in.

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  1. What does it say about breastfeeding and allergies? I have a very food-sensitive exclusively breastfed baby. I had always heard that you should be able to eat anything when breastfeeding, but in our case, I really can’t. He actually refuses to nurse if there’s something he doesn’t like.

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