Life is Like a Book

Phot by Florin Gorgan

Life is like a book. They can come in all manner of sizes and colors. Each day is like a new page, inviting us not only to participate in those things written out beforehand but to embrace the ideas and contemplate the meaning behind them.

Some books are packed so full of information that one doesn’t find enjoyment on the pages. The book is one mad rush from one piece of information to the next. Other books invite you to savor them, thinking about the content while sipping your beverage of choice. Those are the books we tend to enjoy and get the most out of. When a page is so full of writing that you can’t see the margins, there isn’t any place to take notes or add your own thoughts and experiences to what you are reading.
It could be said that I’m never far from my daily planner. It keeps our family going and all pertinent information finds its way there. I try to remind myself to leave the margins wide so that I have time for contemplation. I don’t want to pack our lives so full that we find ourselves in that mad rush, but instead I hope we have plenty of time to make notes about what is really important to us.

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